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      1. Knitting machinery in Hua Ao

        • Knitting machinery in Hua Ao

          Sewing machine

          Factory direct sales, export trade, domestic sales, the company introduced a number of the United States, Japan advanced production equipment and has a group of experienced professional knitting machinery and technical personnel and a high-quality manageme...

        • Knitting machinery in Hua Ao

          "Letter-based, honest man" is our code of conduct, Ao Sibo International Trade Co., Ltd. will be customer satisfaction as our goal, safeguarding you in the common interests of our responsibility



        • 20+
          20 years of brand management experience
        • 30+
          More than 30 brand suppliers
        • 40+
          Global more than 40 country customers' common choice
        • 100,000+
          In 3 years, more than 100,000